Venvee Terms of Service and Use Restrictions

At Venvee, we are proud of what we've created, and how it empowers our clients. However, any service requires terms, and any technology, no matter the intention of the maker, has the ability to be abused.

We deeply care about how our technology is used, and as such, have established the following policies.  If you have any questions around ToS, please contact

If you’re interested in our ToS, it most likely means you are deeply interested in our product. Thank you! In the ToS, we lay out the general agreements of both involved parties regarding the service we provide.

We are proud to enable our clients with the ability to utilize data to its fullest potential through our various products. We recognize, however, that no matter how good the our intentions, technology can amplify the ability to cause great harm. That is why we’ve established this policy.

We build our products to give teams a better way to work. We are proud of that purpose and trust that our customers use our products for appropriate endeavors. Sometimes, though, we discover potential abusive usage as detailed in our Use Restrictions policy. When that happens, we investigate using this policy’s guiding principles and process.

Questions About Our Terms of Service?

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