Venvee Technology

Novel AI made to empower your team, centralized around the collection of objective in-store client behavioral data.

Our technology is quick to deploy, CAPEX Free, and diverse in its use-cases. Although we focus on retail media networks, the same system can be used for all retail departments needing in-store client data.

Novel Single Camera Innovation

Stereo-vision is technology of the past. Venvee only requires one camera view to gather location data.

Fully Connected Client Journeys

Even with blind spots, Venvee identifies clients throughout their entire shopping journey, giving you a comprehensive view of their behavior.

Organizational Scaling

Venvee was made to scale, giving you insights across every store in your organization.

Action Recognition

Venvee collects action and intent on in-store shoppers, without the need for biometric information.

Rapid Deployment

CAPEX free with an easy deployment process means you can receive data within days, without closing your store.

Digital Twin Creation

Venvee uses proprietary digital twin software to make understanding your client behavior seamless from entrance to exit.

Don't See What You're Looking For?

We can do much more than what's listed. Reach out to ask about something specific!

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