Standardize Audience Metrics

Gain insight into client impressions, actions, and conversions on your retail media, using pre-existing cameras to capture objective measurements.

Brand Ad Spend

Venvee Audience Measurement Funnel


The Audience Metrics Funnel

Every Brand has an ad budget, and wants to ensure the funds they allocate maximize Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). Transparent, objective metrics on ROAS increase brand desire for your in-store media.

An in-store ad has 4 measurable segments for objective results on ROAS, three of which are collected by Venvee, and each of which is a result of the previous: Impressions, Actions, Conversions, and Incrementality.


The number of eyes on your in-store retail media, measured for the specific ads being played, captured using novel single camera technology.

Venvee Impression Graphic


What action a client takes after seeing an ad, including where they go next in the store. Venvee connects every impression to the action that came before, and the action that follows, using fully connected client pathing and action recognition.

Venvee Attribution Graphic


How many purchases were made based on ad impressions. Integrate your PoS with Venvee to measure the conversions that resulted from actions, led by impressions.

Venvee Conversion Graphic


Compare conversions made with and without the influence of ads. Venvee separates those who saw the ad from those who didn’t, providing premier insights into the true effect an ad is having. Click to learn more about incrementality.


Venvee incremental lift With Key

Example Client Data

On-site, Venvee converts video into encrypted textual data before creating client paths in your online dashboard. Each path is associated with a row of data columns, customizable to your needs, and aggregated for meaningful insights. You can view these insights in your dashboard, or export them in a format such as csv.

Venvee Example Customer Track
Customer ID
Impression Time
Action Time
Conversion - PoS
Conversion - Time
Loyalty ID - PoS
TV 4: Milk
Zone: Dairy
Customer ID
TV 4: Milk
Zone Dairy

Want to Learn More?

Physical to Digital Retargeting​

Venvee collects intent on in-store shoppers through understanding their in-store behavior on a granular level, without the need for Biometrics.

Measuring Incremental Lift​

With the CAPEX free nature of our technology combined with an easy deployment process, you can start receiving data within days.