Venvee Solutions

One technology - endless retail applications. Though retail media networks are our specialty, Venvee's innovative technology can be used in retail operations, marketing, and merchandising, without modifying hardware needs.

That's the power of a truly scalable, truly novel solution.

Retail Media Networks

Standardizing Audience Metrics

Using pathing data and novel AI, Venvee collects client impressions and actions, and ties them with conversions for full in-store closed-loop attribution.

Measuring Incremental Lift

Using comprehensive knowledge on every in-store client journey, Venvee can separate clients influenced by retail media, creating true measurements of incrementality.

Physical to Digital Retargeting

Through loyalty program integration, Venvee can turn in-store client intent into actionable retargeting, creating a valuable omni-channel experience.

Retail Departments

Store Operations

Optimize operations with objective data on in-store client behavior, including traffic, inventory, and layout interventions.


Empower your marketing teams with actionable, objective client behavior data. Gain granular insights into campaign effects on demographics and in-store behavior.


Understand how clients interact with displays and layouts for actionable data on visual and product merchandising, giving insights into store and product A/B testing, and floor layout attribution.

Don't See What You're Looking For?

We can do much more than what's listed. Reach out to ask about something specific!

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