Novel Single Camera Innovation

At the center of Venvee's technology is a novel innovation for how behavioral data is collected. Instead of requiring two overlapping cameras (stereo-vision), we only need one camera view to capture precise x/y position, impressions, actions, and general behavior.

Venvee connects all infrastructural cameras of a single store to our proprietary system, bringing continuity of client behavior across every viewable point.

Benefits of Single Camera

No Up-Front Capital Expenses

Quick to Deploy

Easy to Scale

The Old: Custom Built Stereo-Vision Sensors

In the mid 2010s, the first true solution for capturing semi-granular in-store behavior was born. The underlying technology utilized stereo-vision, a spatial concept based on our eyes, which uses overlap to create understandings of object depth. With cameras, this means two overlapping views used to find the x, y position of an object.

The primary problems with stereo-vision are cost and processing power. Custom built sensors can provide overlapping views and video processing, but are expensive to manufacture, and restricted to two cameras per system due to processing limitations. Installing enough to cover an entire store is costly and time-consuming, creating large expenses before any data collection even occurs.

Venvee custom built stereo-vision camera

The Current: Any Overlapping IP Cameras For Stereo-vision

To remove the primary cost of stereo-vision, the modern approach is to use pre-existing IP cameras.

Although this advanced the narrative, the primary technology is the same, meaning there needs to be two cameras pointing at every spot where you intend to capture x-y position data. Few stores readily have two cameras pointing at every spot in their space. Installing additional IP cameras is more cost-effective than buying custom built hardware, but still takes additional time and up-front expenses, and detracts from customer experience.

Venvee overlapping camera views

The Future: Venvee's Novel Single Camera Technology

We knew there had to be a better way. And so we found one. Instead of adding more hardware to capture two views, we only need one camera to find accurate x-y position data.

How do we do this? That’s the secret sauce which makes our solution so sweet. No up-front capital-expenses, use the cameras you already have, don’t detract from client experience, and start receiving data in days, without ever closing your store.

If you want to know more about our technology, we’d love to share, and will tell you more on our first call together.

Venvee's novel single camera innovation

Action Recognition

Venvee collects intent on in-store shoppers through understanding their in-store behavior on a granular level, without the need for biometric information.

Rapid Deployment

With the CAPEX free nature of our technology combined with an easy deployment process, you can start receiving data within days.