Venvee’s Retail Solutions

Although our technology has nearly limitless applications for retail human behavior analyses, we have intentionally focused on three overarching domains when building it: Retail Media Networks, Operations, and Marketing.
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Retail Media Networks

Retail Media Networks (or RMNs) have taken the industry by storm. RMNs have marked the start of an omni-channel bridge that unifies physical and digital commerce like never before, by mobilizing first-party data collected via e-commerce sales and point-of-sale outcomes.

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To rephrase the above, the main idea behind RMNs is the collection and sale of first party data for targeted advertising, very similar to cookies in e-commerce. In other words, if I own a retail store, and I know certain customers are looking at a specific shoe brand, that shoe brand (as well as its competitors) is very interested in advertising to that individual with the potential for a new conversion. This data is worth a large sum to retailers who are able to collect it, as brands are always looking for ways to reach in-the-market consumers.
Venvee collects invaluable in-the-market information on your in-store shoppers, ensuing your RMN is relevant and differentiable by adding a new dimension to your first party data: in-store intent data.
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Retail Operations

There are no good customer experiences without the operations behind them. By digitally recreating a real-time view of a store’s floor-plan and extracting anonymized data about customers’ journeys, Venvee lays the foundation for quantitative in-store analysis, both is real-time and over historical time intervals

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Armed with objective data on in-store behavior, you and your teams performing store operations can gain insights into traffic counts, dwell/queue times, behavioral tendencies, fixture/zone/product analysis, and more. At Venvee, we aimed to empower retailers so they can make data-driven decisions — and we deliver exactly that.
With near real-time feedback, our analytics can be used by local operators, corporate analysts, and executives alike for anything from single-store enhancements to global initiative tracking & performance analysis.
Collect the metrics you need for data-driven decision making. Collect data with Venvee.

Retail Marketing

Each day, there are billions of actions, reactions, and interactions with retail products, done by in-the-market consumers. As a retailer, you know that your stores have always been an opportune place to gather greater and deeper intel on consumers, including whether your marketing campaigns, promotions, and in-store activations are effective. Venvee finally gives you objective data to measure your levels of marketing success.

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Marketing is a complex field, with many variables effecting the behavior and reaction of potential consumers of products. Geographics, demographics, campaign lengths and mediums, and in-store display changes, to name a few.
So your teams can perform their best and focus on what they do best, Venvee has created technology to empower their ability to measure results of their efforts, as well as provide invaluable information prior to starting new campaigns. This allows for data-informed decisions, such as who is a relevant target demographic, what time and where should in-store media be applied, and where is this effective geographically.
And after each marketing activity, the data your teams have the ability to work with will compound, and not just the results of PoS. This will provide historical trends so every campaign is more effective than the last.
With Venvee, your marketing teams can achieve more than ever imagined.

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