Physical To Digital Retargeting

Use in-store intent to create true omni-channel touch points through retargeting physical shoppers in digital spaces.

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What is Physical to Digital Retargeting?

When a client is browsing an online store, clicks an item, and doesn’t buy, the item can be used in targeted online ads. This is Digital to Digital retargeting, and gives continuity to a client’s shopping journey. Physical to Digital retargeting uses the same concept. By understanding client interests and intent in the physical store, more significant digital retargeting can be executed for relevant ads and journey continuity.

To make this possible, Venvee’s novel technology collects in-store client intent data.

In-store Interactions

First, Venvee begins with a view of all clients who shopped in your store, collected with novel single camera technology. Each client experience track provides information on where customers went from zone to zone, and the actions they performed, using Venvee’s action recognition technology. This allows Venvee to collect data on item interactions in zones.

Venvee Item Interaction

Missed Sale Detection

If an item is interacted with, but placed down, Venvee flags this as a potential item/zone for digital retargeting, and adds it to the client’s experience track.

Venvee Missed Sale graphic

Intention Attribution

Venvee does not collect biometric information, and therefore cannot identify your customers without external data. You may choose to integrate your loyalty program with Venvee’s service, providing the additional loyalty ID matched to each client at the time of purchase, allowing for the attribution of missed sales for digital retargeting.

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Digital Retargeting

Finally, Venvee feeds this data to your preferred destination, allowing your marketing team to make personalized touchpoints across other channels.

Venvee Digital Retargeting
Venvee omnichannel graphic

A Step Towards True Omni-channel

Physical intent brings retailers one step closer to a true omni-channel experience for clients.

Omni-channel is the integration between methods of retail interaction available to a client, connecting the experience and story between shopping channels for a seamless client journey, so clients receive relevant, customized content no matter what medium they shop from. Additionally, omni-channel provides the capability for full-loop attribution, crediting what influenced a client to make a purchase.

True omni-channel is complex, and requires a deep understanding of the in-store journey of each unique shopper, so you can bring what they’re interested in from physical to digital.

Want to Learn More?

Standardize Audience Metrics

Using pathing data and novel AI, Venvee collects client impressions and actions, and ties them with conversions for full in-store closed-loop attribution.

Measuring Incremental Lift​

Using comprehensive knowledge on every in-store client journey, Venvee can separate clients influenced by retail media, creating true measurements of incrementality.