Fully Connected Customer Journeys

Using novel single camera technology and non-PII techniques, Venvee creates fully connected customer journeys from entrance to exit, capturing the in-store path customers take, they're purchasing intent, and ad attributions throughout.

Benefits of Fully Connected Customer Journeys

Capture in-store intent, tied to a loyalty program for P2D retargeting

Attribute behavior changes and conversions to in-store media impressions

Gain rich insight into how customers move through and interact in your space

Non-PII based IDs and x-y Data

When a new customer enters the store, Venvee uses advanced artificial intelligence combined with novel single camera technology to recognize them as a human, without the need for Personally Identifiable Information (such as bioinformatics). They are given an ID associated with the novel identifiers Venvee utilizes, allowing for identification between cameras.

As each camera captures the movement of this customer, accurate textual x-y data is created to record their path, as well as interaction data. This forms fully connected customer journeys we call customer experience tracks, or CXTs. Video never leaves the store, and each video frame is immediately destroyed once the text is created.

Venvee Fully Connected Customer Journeys - Elements

From Path To Zones

Through custom floor plan mapping, retailers can create x-y polygons labelled for specific zones based on their current store layout. The textual x-y data is later correlated with these zones, allowing for further analysis and extraction of events, such as dwells in specific zones.

Venvee Fully Connected Customer Journeys - Elements

From Path to Rich Data

By using interaction data from fully connected customer journeys paired with zones, Venvee is able to capture in-store intent for use in physical to digital retargeting, as well as credit actions taken immediately after ad impressions.

By understanding how a customer moves through a store, retailers can optimize store layout and understand behavior due to activations, and retail media companies and brands can accurately measure media placement and advertisement effectiveness for increased transparency.

Venvee Attribution Graphic

Dark Zones

Camera coverage isn’t perfect, and we get that. That’s why Venvee created a robust system for matching non-PII identifiers within a given time range and location.

For example, changing rooms will never have cameras. By keeping account of the last place the ID was captured and knowing the space a customer entered is not an entry or exit (meaning the ID should be retained), Venvee matches the IDs exiting the dark zone, allowing for the capture of a seamless journey (and data on changing room dwell times too!)

Venvee Dark Zone Graphic

Leaving the Store

Venvee will not keep the identifiers of previous customers who leave the store for more than a few hours, meaning if they come back the next day, there is no possible way for them to be identified as the same customer through Venvee’s technology. Intent from journeys may be linked at time of purchase through Loyalty IDs for physical to digital retargeting and greater omni-channel experiences.

Novel Single Camera

Stereo-vision is technology of the past. Venvee only requires one camera view to gather location data.

Rapid Deployment

With the CAPEX free nature of our technology combined with an easy deployment process, you can start receiving data within days.