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At Venvee, we're revolutionizing how Retail Media Networks collect
and measure in-store interactions with retail media.

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A Passion For Innovation, and the Human Experience

Venvee was started with a deep desire to go beyond the normal, outside of what everyone thinks is possible. This passion of innovation formulated itself in the space of human-centric analytics, because everything we do, create, and utilize is based upon the human experience. If we can’t first understand how and why humans behave the way they do, how can we improve the human experience?

A Modern Technical Approach

Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence are at major breakthrough points. To pursue our mission at venvee, we took the most advanced research, innovated beyond it, and made a novel solution to understanding human behavior in spaces.

Novel Client Data for Retail Media Networks

Though behavioral Computer Vision can be applied to nearly limitless fields, we wanted to focus our efforts from the start. Where could Venvee make the greatest, lasting impact on something important to daily human experience, as well as the economy?

The answer, was retail. And more specifically, retail media networks, which are going through a major transformation and explosion of growth, and have the ability to significantly enhance retail experiences and retail revenue.

With Venvee’s human-centric approach and cutting-edge technologies, retail media networks finally have the ability to gain a full understanding of in-store shoppers, enabling them to standardize audience metrics through accurate and objective data on impressions, actions, and conversions, as well as collect intent data for fortifying their offerings. Something never before available in physical spaces, where 80% of shopping still occurs.

Beyond Data

Objective data collection is just the start. With Venvee’s technology, retail media networks (and retailer’s as a whole) have a centralized point of real-time client data.

This can empower retailers to create real-time improvements and personalizations to client experience, bring the shopping from in-store to online for omni-channel closed-loop attribution and physical to digital retargeting, and inform other technologies in physical stores such as robotics and inventory AI, without adding any further infrastructure.

This, is the start to truly prescriptive smart stores, and the full physical to digital retail transformation. And Venvee, is the foundation of this transformation.

More About Venvee

Venvee is a retail data-collection and analytics company based out of Golden, Colorado, and is directly affiliated with the Colorado School of Mines. Our team consists of high achieving and deeply experienced individuals in the spaces of retail, finance, product, and technology, and is supported by industry leading partners, as well as a diverse advisory board with world-class experience in business development, finance, and innovation.

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